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Touring 2023 – Guanacaste

Touring 2023 Guanacaste, explore the beautiful nature of costa rica

Part of Costa Rica’s natural and cultural heritage is the tourist destination of Guanacaste, which is situated in the country’s northern Pacific Ocean.

It has a significant amount of first-rate infrastructure support in the Gulf of Papagayo Tourism Development Pole. Additionally, it is conveniently accessible from the Daniel Oduber International Airport, which welcomes several charter and scheduled flights from the US and Canada.

Touring Offers Guanacaste

Guanacaste has a lot of attractions for different kinds of visitors, like its diverse aquatic, terrestrial, mountainous, and coastal habitats, where life is abundant and teems with life. Guanacaste is one of the most popular tourist destinations both locally and internationally. It is situated in the north of the country, covers an area of roughly 10,140 km2, and is known for its unmatched beauty in warm-climate landscapes.

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Buena Vista national park

Numerous beaches and other attractions can be found along the Guanacaste coastline, including the spectacular arrival of olive ridley turtles in the Ostional National Wildlife Refuge, the leatherback turtle nesting in Las Baulas National Marine Park, the southern estuaries and mangroves, and the northern volcanoes, where you can engage in hot springs and other activities. The mangroves are in excellent condition for protection and make great locations for kayaking, as well as for seeing birds and other forms of species.

Canopy – Touring in Costa Rica

  • Rushing through the Costa Rican rainforest at the Zip Line. Whether in Superman position, or simply sitting in a harness, everyone „floats“ in their own way. One thing is for sure: nature looks simply breathtaking from up here!

Riding – No matter if you are a courageous first rider or a saddle-proofed

  • cowboy, you will get your money’s worth on the riding tours in Samara. The trail leads through the animal rainforest to a poster-like beach and makes every rider’s heart beat faster.

Canoe and snorkel tour – With a little muscle in your arms, you can paddle

  • across the Pacific Ocean in pairs or alone, discovering one or the other turtle. Afterwards you snorkel to see the underwater world a little better.

Turtle Project – The turtle project is located at Playa Buena Vista, near the

  • Hotel Paraíso de Cocodrilo. In order to protect the population of the native turtles, the eggs are collected on the beach and carefully buried again in the camp until the little babies have hatched long enough in the sun and are ready to swim in the vastness of the Pacific Ocean.

Crocodile tour – If you want to experience crocodiles in their natural habitat

  • we recommend a tour on the Río Tempisque. Of course you will not only discover the impressive terrestrial vertebrates, but also many birds and monkeys can be seen during the tour and present every (hobby) photographer with a challenge.
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Spot Crocodiles in Jungle river

Mountain biking – The Samara region is considered particularly suitable for

  • mountain bike tours and competitions. The Tour de Conquistadores, for example, often ends in Sámara. Even smaller races have their starting point here. The attraction lies both in the untouched beaches of the Pacific Ocean and in the mountainous and hilly hinterland.
Touring in Costa Rica
Biking at the beautiful beaches of Costa Rica
  • and and and…

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